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photo by Amy Warner

The Theatre

of Freedom:

A radical theatrical experiment in community,
& the meaning of freedom


July  4-6 ,  2014

On The Railroad Tracks, 

Rossetter St., Great Barrington MA

Extrapolating on the original meaning of theatre as “the seeing place,”  audience members were asked to not only see, but to take part + be seen in a performance where the line between audience and performer was not just diffused, it disappeared.  In its stead; the revelation of our true humanity.  Beyond the veil of separation, bridging across gaps of age, gender & class where lovers, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, warriors & the dispossessed meet and see each other. What remains is the essential inter-connectedness and basic truth of being human beings. 

"Because I see you, I liberate you."

Directed by Pooja Prema



Amy Whittaker Warner

Arti- Ross Kelso

Chris Maddox

Kristin Grippo

'Kumari' Amy Weaver

Mark Kelso

Mary Campbell

Meg Agnew

Nancy Rothman

Ryan Ullrich



Zack Cross

Jonathan Talbot

Jonah Thomas



Michael Vincent Bushy

Pooja Prema

Gabrielle Senza

Audience Costumes: Emily Dunsay



10% of ticket sales went to support the efforts of "Free The Slaves"

learn more at

Photography: Eric Limon & Amy Whittaker Warner

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