The Ritual Theatre, formerly "Rogue Angel", was born in the Spring of 2012 while producing  Isis-Chernobyl: A Tale of Uncertain Fruit. I believe that the work of transformation- of becoming oneself- is more easily enabled, (and  joyous) when we have the container of community, and that the risky, the playful-the rogue - is what keeps the evolutionary edge on a culture. Each offering- whether a site -specific installation, a group play, or a solo performance- is created through an organic and intimate process  of exploration and seeking. Larger pieces are collaboratively devised, and directed by me. The majority of my productions are site-specific, happening in both private and public locations.

​My roots and deepest inspiration in performance are from my native Kerala, India, where dozens of ancient ritual  drama and dance traditions continue to enliven and sustain local communities today, despite the overwhelming presence of television and commodification. In Kerala,  people have revered dance, storytelling and performance in ritual for generations, in order to make meaning, to enable self- transformation, to sustain local communities, and to remind them the true intent of their souls.  I feel truly blessed to have had such viscerally moving experiences of ritual in community which have since shaped my need, desire and vision of what I want to bring to the world.

A clown and a dancer at heart, my personal mission is to push open the boundaries of my heart, so that I may be as vulnerable and truthful as possible to myself, my fellow creators, my audiences, and ultimately to life itself.  It is my pleasure and honor to play and create with people whom I thoroughly adore.  I continue to be nourished, sustained and inspired by this rich artistic journey and the community it draws.

With gratitude, Pooja Prema

Artistic Director



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