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The Ritual Theatre, formerly called "Rogue Angel",

was born in the Spring of 2012 while creating  Isis-Chernobyl: A Tale of Uncertain Fruit. Since then, over the past decade, we have produced 4 full-length ensemble works, 2 large-scale installation-performances, and 4 solo plays. Each of our offerings is created through an organic & intimate process of exploration that deepens our relationship with ourselves, each other and to place. The majority of our productions are site-specific, and often set outdoors. Since our founding, we have held that the work of transformation - of becoming oneself - is more easily enabled within the container of community ritual, and that the risky, the playful & the rogue is what keeps the evolutionary edge on a culture.

​As Founder & Artistic Director, my deepest inspiration for theatre is drawn from my ancestral roots in Kerala, India- where dozens of ancient ritual drama and dance traditions continue to enliven and sustain local communities today despite the overwhelming presence of television and globalization. There, people have revered performance, dance & storytelling as ritual theatre for generations - in order to make meaning, to enable healing, to knit together communities, and to remind us of why we're here in the first place. My first viscerally moving experiences of ritual theatre in Kerala as a young woman in 2001 have since shaped my need, desire and vision of the kind of theatre I longed to bring to the world.

My & our core commitment is to be as vulnerable and truthful as possible to ourselves, our fellow creators, our  audiences, and ultimately to life itself. I continue to be nourished & inspired by this rich artistic journey and the diverse community it draws. Thank you for being part of our unfolding story.

With Gratitude,

Pooja Prema,

Artistic Director



photo (30).jpg

Photos: Isis-Chernobyl '12, The Promenade '14, Rites of Passage: 20/20 Vision '21
Credit: Pooja Prema, Peggy Reeves, Jeanny Tsai


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