Pan & Nymphs


Seed. Lust. Savor...

A celebration of the waning of the season- death, fertility and the promise of seeds.  Within autumn there is a profound lust.... life longs for its death, but also want to continue itself.   As May Sarton writes: "Fall is the release, the consumation."  The Promenade explores that erotic pulse through spoken poetry, song, movement ritual and theatrical vignettes, as the audience walks or promenades from one to the other.   Featuring the  fabric sculptures of local artist Cynthia Atwood, it was a community Equinox ritual of sublime proportions.

August 28 & September 23  2014

Gedney Farm, in New Marlborough MA

Directed by Pooja Prema



Julie Balter

Jenny Cavanaugh

Maddie Elling

Chris Maddox

Heather Meehan

Ryan Ullrich

Amy Warner



Tim Brenner- percussion

Evan Thaler-Null- percussion

Nadine Laughlin & Nick Bartow  respectively on recorder & flute


Photography: Peggy Reeves + Peggy Braun