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A Tale of Uncertain Fruit

June 2012

Housatonic , MA

Where a lover’s body is broken apart and nearly brought to life again, where a spell is sung and woman becomes a bird, where clowns of the underworld celebrate the eros of dying, and a search for fertility in the dark yields precious yet uncertain fruit.  Isis-Chernobyl was The Ritual Theatre's first site-specific, collaboratively devised play- a fusion of the Egyptian Isis/ Osirus myth with the story of Chernobyl which imagined a post-apocalyptic paradise. It was performed under a building and a rail road bridge.

Directed & Composed by Pooja Prema



Hector Rivera

Jordan Frye

Kristen Nash

Meg Agnew

Nancy Rothman

Robert Allen

Sarah Hardcastle

Original Cello Score by Francis Morris & Gabrielle Senza


Found-Video Montage by Joe Wheaton

Stage Design:  Adam Medina

Lighting Design: Justin Delsignore

Stage Manager: Amanda Roe-Van Allen

Costumes: George Veal

Prop Design: Lisa Meyers

Uncertain- Teas: Katharine Novick

Audience Care-Taking Ensemble:

Amelia Wolf, Elizabeth Blackshine, Mary Campbell, Adam Medina, 

Hillary Melville, Katharine Novick & Chloe Piazza


Photography: Ned Oliver, Joe Wheaton

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