The Ritual Theatre creates original, courageously raw, multidisciplinary and site-specific theatrical experiences for inter-generational audiences.  Our performances offer spaces for the growth of authentic community, and seek to restore our much-needed connection with ritual, and with the dark, the light, and the inspired potential within each of us.  We desire to encourage all who collaborate in the work and all who watch, to deeply celebrate the cycles of love, loss & renewal that make us precariously and preciously human.

Ritual, Liminality & Transformation

We believe that the ritual function that theatre can provide, is the foundation for a healthy, sane and loving society.  Theatre is education.  Theatre is healing.  Because of this, we seek to cultivate a space where the liminal- the extraordinary and the transformative- might be tempted to happen.  We invite this through the use of storytelling, dance and theatre- as humans have for ages- with humility and desire, that the magic grace our offerings and our lives.  Ultimately the magic happens inside each of us, and also among us within a permeable space that is created as much by the players as by the audience.


What is Ritual?

A Ritual is as an offering by an individual or group  to the larger Universe, with the conscious intention to connect to our original state of Inter-being.  


Through ritual, we link the micro to the macro cosm, the experience or story of the isolated individual to that of the whole. We re-member that the work of living a human life is actually a collective effort. And we make space for paradox: the sacred & profane, the ugly & the beautiful,  impermanence & eternity, the chaotic expanse of human emotion & desire.  In liberating our deepest desire and our most profound ache, we encourage others to do the same.