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An Endless War, An Isolated Island, 3 Dreams, 3 Deaths
& the Flower of the Universe...
A Tale for Our Times Told Through Masks & Dance
January 2013

Great Barrington, MA

Solidão means "Solitude" in Portuguese.  Inspired by the origin myth of Portuguese Fado music, the Neutral Mask canon, and the modern legacy of Japanese Butoh, this play is an offering of and for our internal passage from Isolation to Surrender, a homage to death and the desire to live.  It is a story in honor of anyone who has experienced a deep personal loss, abandonment or exile in the present time, as well as for our ancestors.  Both geographically and historically nebulous, it is also an offering to all any one who has been, and is, subject to war, natural disasters, and various forms of displacement.  

Created & Performed by Pooja Prema

Directional Support: Karen Beaumont,  Sarah Hardcastle

Stage Manager: Kristin Grippo

Stage Assistance: Kristin Grippo, Sarah Hardcastle,

Meg Agnew & Amy Webb

Photography: Karen Andrews


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