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A Solo River Performance



June 6-8 & 14 -17,  2014

The Green River, Great Barrington MA

Endure explores the fundamental impermanence of life, and the enduring strength of fragile vessels- human hearts and paper boats. 

Endure is inspired by water, images from distant lands, and Japanese Butoh.  Within this work I offer my adaptation of a traditional Kudiyattam storyelling segment wherein a single actor plays both a man and a woman. Kudiyattam is a 10,000 year-old Sanskrit drama form from my native Kerala, India. Also, in Asia , there is a custom of making ritual offerings for departed ones along a river; sometimes this is done in a paper boat.  

Created + Performed by Pooja Prema

Cymbal Players: Senta Reis, Gabrielle Senza, Kristin Grippo,

Amy Webb, Laura Geilen & Jinni Cavanaugh


Photography: Peggy Reeves

Videography: Krysia Kurzyca

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