A Lot to Ask

A New Poem of Politics, Love
and Resistance

Prema’s third full-length solo work takes place in an undisclosed outdoor location, and delves into the personal as political on a global scale, featuring music, an overhead projector, storytelling and dance.  "A Lot to Ask" pushes the boundaries of theatre to find out what’s truly at risk - weaving narrative through terrain as vast as neo-colonialism, immigration law, widespread pollution of our rivers, and why love may be the most pragmatic gesture in reclaiming our shared humanity. 

July 22, 23, 24  2016

Housatonic, MA

Created & Performed by Pooja Prema


Jenny Cavanaugh

Jennie Portney

Nurya Chana

Justin Jeevan Torrico

Zadoc Jastrum

Merideth O'Connor

Photos by Emma Rothenberg-Ware & Beau Bernatchez

Promo photo by Sam Backhaus